What people are writing about us.

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Get your hands on the latest issue of Imbibe for the whole story, or follow the link below for the recipe to our namesake cocktail, the Double Standard, and prepare for a world of smoothness and flavor.

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We WIN “Best High Volume Cocktail Bar USA - WEST” 2018!

Thank you Tales of the Cocktail. “One of the goals of this year’s Spirited Awards Judging Committee was to encourage nominations from all over the world (…)”


Cocktail spotlight: our “devil’s advocate”

Oakland Magazine falls for our summer concoction: “To celebrate summer, The Double Standard mixes good and evil in a devilishly delicious drink, The Devil’s Advocate, of gin, raspberry, and absinthe, mostly (…)”

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Bartenders to know…

Thrillist includes the Double Standard’s own Ali Tahsini in their “13 East Bay Bartenders you need to know”.

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“Tree’s company”

UrbanDaddy urges you to discover the redwood-filled oasis behind our bar. “You need to step out back. To the deck. To the yard with the picnic tables.”

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Best of the bay 2015

Voted best hidden backyard bar patio, and for good reason! “Beyond the peeling paint façade is a backyard patio that's easy to overlook even when you're inside the barroom. Step outside, and you'll feel like you've just walked through a closet and found Narnia.“

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A labor of love

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took our founder Ali a whole 10 months to build the Double Standard, from the plumbing to the custom-built bar. Even today, as a true perfectionist, he’s always finding new ways to improve the bar, and make it warmer and more welcoming for his patrons.

NOSH has the whole origin story.